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Who is Eligible?

  • Anyone that is looking to start a bussiness such as daycare, restaurant or any store, online shops.
  • Any student trying to pay for their education
  • low income family intrested in some free money or a fast loan
  • Minority seeking cash to start a business or to pay for bills
  • Job employment/traning
  • Veterans looking for some free cash

  • Business Grants
    If you want to start your own business, then dont miss out all these great grants. Every year the goverment gives away tons of money to help out small businesses. If you want to start your own small business such as a restaurant, daycare or anything else, then you are eligible to recive thousands of dollars for free!

    A portion of the grants include:

  • Business Development
  • Advanced Technology Program
  • Small Business
  • Business Services
  • Small Business Investment Companies
  • Small Business Innovation Research
  • Employment Service
  • Physical Disaster Loans
  • Small Business Loans

  • Education Grants
    Are you a student looking for ways to pay for your education? Join us now and get some cash to pay your bills!

    A portion of the grants include:

  • Adult Education
  • Harry S Truman Scholarship
  • Education and Human REsources
  • Grants For Indian School
  • Fund for Improvenment of Education
  • Higher Education Challenge Grants
  • Money to Study Farming
  • Money to Study Community Planning
  • Money to Study Community Development
  • Money to Study Housing

  • Free Money!
    Check out all these great grants, you can get some free money to spend toward housing, food, or just things for your family. Sign up now and you won't belive what you were missing out on!

    A portion of the grants include:

  • Child Care
  • Food Assistance
  • $5,000 To Go Overseas
  • Ivention Assistance
  • $1 Billion To Work On Ideas
  • $10,000 For Every New Job Created
  • Grants For Low Income Family
  • Housing Repair Grants For Low Income Family
  • Individual and Faimily Grants
  • Housing Assistance Grant

  • Minority Assistance
    Grants for minoritys - You can get some free money to spend toward business, food, Health, Education.

    A portion of the grants include:

  • Women's Business Ownership Assistance
  • Minority Business Development
  • Minority Grants
  • Fair Housing Assistance
  • Minority Health Grant
  • Minoirty Science and Engineering Improvement
  • Minority Education

  • Jobs And Employment
    Get paid to upgrade your employment skill, learn new technology.

    A portion of the grants include:

  • $25,000 To Upgrade Employees Skills
  • $5,000 To Learn New Technology
  • Job Training
  • Employment Grant
  • Employees Traning
  • Independent Living
  • Independent Employment

  • Research And Development
    Want free money to reasearch agriculture, water, forestry, health, or business? Check out all these research and development grants.

    A portion of the grants include:

  • Agricultural Research
  • River Basin Control
  • Special Research Grants
  • Business Research
  • Economy Research
  • Business Innovation Research
  • Employment Service
  • Forestry Research
  • Small Business Research

  • Veteran Grants

    Yes, you are eligible to tons of veteran grants!

    A portion of the grants include:

  • Veteran's Dental care
  • Veteran Housing
  • Veteran Employment
  • Veteran's Health
  • Veteran's Nursing Home
  • Native American Veterans
  • Independent Veterans

  • Writing Grant Proposal


  • Grants Writing Information
  • Grants Writing Tutorial
  • Grants Writing Software
  • Basic Components
  • Outline of Project Goals
  • Presenting a Applicant or Organization

  • To help Assuring You Recieving The Grants You Need!


    The constant need for financing is a great concern for the owners of small businesses. The banking industry is an important source of working capital. However, entrepreneurs may not realize that applying for commercial credit is a more customized process than they think. Let us help you to de-mystify the process and improve your chances of getting the credit you need.

  • Automobile Loans
  • Credit Cards Loans
  • Home Mortgages Loans
  • Business Loan
  • Invention Project Loans
  • Credit Repair

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